Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 65 - September 5 Where am I?

      Hey there my beloved readers!

Wowsers, I can't even explain how incredible these last few days have been. 
We are super short on time (I always try to give those who personally email me 
a personal response). Plus Sister Palmer has a hair appointment. I'll be super quick! 


Thursday: Met with this family in our branch. They are the best! Seriously so nice to us. 
I love them. Then we had our Italian Family Night. We made pizza with the members. 
Each of us had an individual part to do with ingredients. When we put it all together 
we related it to our spiritual gifts and how we need to share them to help others. 

Friday: Met with a sweet older woman who has a hard time getting around. 
Luckily with the cooler weather, she agreed to taxi to church with us. 
The best part was that a member who is the Family History adviser was there early, 
too and took the less active under her wing and taught her how to do family history 
when we had to go to branch council. Then we met with a cool, young couple 
who are busy with work a lot. They actually came to our sports day on Saturday.

Saturday: We had a sports day and district meeting. I love serving here! 
Then we went to our cultural activity which was a traditional Tartarskii meal and show. 
It was FABULOUS!!!!!! I am in love with this city. Then we walked around the city. 
Fun Fact: A cute little boy a little over a year old walked right up to me 
and gave me a huge hug. They we just wouldn't leave and kept hugging me. 
Yes I am in love haha. 

Can I be a ... Snow White?

Such a beautiful building, just have to touch it!

Sunday: CHURCH! Yay! I loved being at that branch. Some members here has 
a 2-3 hour trip just to get to church! I am just so amazed by them! I was able to 
share my testimony, especially since it was my first Sunday at the branch. 
They are wonderful. I have a calling here as a primary teacher with Sister Palmer. 
It is so refreshing! One little boy said he wanted to serve a mission in China! 
Love them. Then we went out with one of our "friends" to the Kremlin again. 
She is super sweet and made us take a lot of photos. So much fun. 

Me and Sister Palmer

I love you all! grace of God is SOOOOO REAL!!!! Please look up the talk 
'His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox. I love that talk. God loves you! I love you!!

Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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