Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 66 - September 12 Chinese at KFC???

        Hey there beloved readers!

Whelp, to start off, sorry no photos today. We are emailing at an internet cafe 
and I forgot my usb drive thingy so just have to wait until next week. Sister Palmer 
and I just got into Samara this morning . . . at 3 am. We took a night bus at 8pm. 
Yeah it was a tough one. We probably won't be doing that again. We just have a lot of 
traveling this cycle since I'll be working with the Bezi sisters this week and 
then I have MLC this Thursday. Man, I love visiting Samara. 
A piece of my heart has forever been placed here. 

So much happened!!! Here are some updates: 

Tuesday: We saw some super cool miracles this week! We went by an active member 
this week in order to go over the branch list to see if there were any less actives 
we should start visiting. While meeting with her, she fed us super yummy food 
(we had pushed back lunch in order to meet with her) and then instead of doing 
our original plan, we ended up doing family history with her since she is the director of 
Family History. She loved it! She loved looking back at our family trees 
and helping me figure out some of my stuff. She felt like had something to offer us, 
not only to receive. She is just a dynamite of a member. While closing up our visit, 
I felt impressed to ask her to ask her to keep her eyes open for service opportunities 
for us to serve in museums. She then kind of does her own role play, " So if I were to 
just pick up the phone and call a museum, I could say: ' I've got 4 native english speaking 
volunteers who want to work for you for free.'" We said yes of course! Then she replies, 
"Let's do it right now!" 5 minutes later we have a meeting the next day with a museum 
to figure out a service activity. She is amazing!!!

Hat shopping with Sister Miller...

Another miracle was when we were eating at KFC, we saw some Africans, thinking, 
"Whoa they probably know English! Let's go talk to them." We sit next to them, 
however, I get super distracted because, like music to my ears, I hear the people 
to my other side speaking Chinese!!! I was in awe! You know how everyone thought 
for sure that I was going to a Chinese-Speaking mission, well jokes on me since I'm in Russia. However, thanks to Sister Miller's boldness, we ended up talking to them all night. 
I found myself struggling so much just to squeeze out a few phrases in Chinese 
(the gift of tongues is so real) while automatically switching back to Russian. 
We exchanged numbers and ended up meeting again later in the week. I am beyond words. 
In all my 15 months on my mission, I had had yet to speak to Chinese people. 
My heart is full, and soon, too, will be my stomach. They invited us over 
for REAL TRADITIONAL Chinese food!!! 
I am so excited! Miracle of my mission!

The 2 Chinese Ladies and Me!

Friday: We meet with the two Chinese ladies and had lunch together. 
They are soooo sweet. They said that anytime I go to China I can just call them haha. 
They asked why we were here, we tried to explain that we are from church, 
but can't talk about our church. They were really confused about the new law. 
You and me both kid. But, we have plans in two weeks to go over to 
their home for Chinese food! Hollah! 

Saturday: We had sports day. We bought a volleyball, so now me and my love 
are reunited for a time. Then we wandered around trying to drop by members 
and ended up just talking to this sweet 20 yr old for about an hour or so. 
She was super sweet. We gave her fudge. We got food afterward, 
and since my companion is gorgeous, 
the worker there gave us free dessert. YAY! 

Sunday: We were super nervous since no one who is called to Primary 
was going to be there. We had to take over the whole two hours ourselves. 
Luckily a young woman was there too and helped us out. It was her and her four siblings. 
It turned out so great! It truly was a miracle cause we were sooo worried. 
After that we took Vera, the less active from last week, back home 
and then prepared for our night bus. . . And now we are here.

I love you all sooo much. Heavenly Father loves us so much. 
Our trials are meant for our good. Doctrines and Covenants 98 talk all about that! 
Have a great week!!!

Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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