Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Week 78 - December 5, 2016 2nd to last email. . .

My dearest readers,

Wow! How crazy is that?I can't believe I only have one more emailing day! It is weird. 
Yesterday, I said goodbye to the members here in Kazan. I'll be staying here in Kazan up 
until Saturday, then I'm going to Samara so I can say goodbye to the member there in Bezi. 
So strange. I'm really going to miss all my friends here. We've got a full week planned 
so time will really fly!

 The other sisters came for splits! Hollah

Just a nice announcement: I'll be returning home December 16. I will be having a little get together next Saturday December 17. I know my mom has sent out some invites on Facebook. If you are interested and able to come, I would love to see you there! Just email me and I'll give you the details if you don't already know. I love you all!!!!

Service activity last week! Remember this guy? 
We served my first 3 weeks in Russia together. 
Now my last three!!

Last week:

Quote from film club when talking about caves: "When you spend enough time in darkness, 
you know the real value of light." I loved that thought! It is true. This is a testimony as to 
why we need opposition in our lives. I read the conference talk from April 2016 from 
Elder Oaks. Opposition is really how we grow in life. An athlete can't gain muscle 
without resistance. The same goes for our spirits! We can't grow without resistance! 
It is a principle easier said that applied. But I'll try my best!

One of the highlights of our week was when we were sitting home, doing studies in the 
morning on Wednesday. We get a call from one of the youth telling us it was her mom's 
birthday today and wanted to know if we could do something real quick for her. 
We said we could figure something out. We bought a cake at a store and then took the 
30 minute bus ride over to their home. Looked like we weren't going to have 
full studies and lunch. .. again. We got there and her mom was SO happy! 
We showed them the cake and card. The kids starting saying, "Whoa! How did they 
know that we always buy that cake???" The mother then replied, "They prayed about 
which cake to buy, of course!" I thought to myself, well, not exactly true, but we do pray 
to have the Spirit with us always and to do the will of the Lord. So, that counts, right? 
We were really grateful to be an instrument in the Lord's hand in that moment. 

We are waiting for our friends.

An inactive member, Marat, rented out a gym for us to play volleyball with him (yay!) 
and told us we could invite friends. So we did just that! It was super good, we had 4 friends 
there, and Marat and his 2 friends and random people from the gym joined us. It was sooooo 
nice to play volleyball again! I wasn't horrible either! A lot of people asked if I was a 
professional volleyball player. I wish I could have said yes haha. Then we were able 
to talk to the people there who work at the gym, too. He is so good at getting us to talk 
to people (he is the one who gave us the referral who we sent to Moscow). It was great!

 Does he count as captain Moroni??? Creepy kid's museum.

Honestly, so many good things. I have no idea what to say. I love my time spent here in Russia. 
I wouldn't change it for the world. I love the people here. I have been so blessed. I look 
forward to seeing many of you soon, though! I hope you have a great week!!!! 

Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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