Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 77 - November 28, 2016 Thank Goodness for Thanksgiving!

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Monday night we go to the university for a "film club" run by an American, 
who also is an inactive member of the church. We talk in English to the students. 
This week, the did a debate and the topic was: What is more valuable, donating time or money? 
We sat as the mediators. After a wonderful, deep discussion about the benefits of money 
and time for those involved, the teacher concluded by saying how the most important part 
is that donating or being charitable is "not about you." After which, Sister Palmer 
and I were able to testify about our experience here and why we came to Russia 
to donate time and money. We did not say anything about God or the church, 
but we just testified of the good of service and giving of yourself to others. 
We felt the Spirit so strongly in that classroom. We know the students felt it, too. 
Then, sister Palmer told me that a student went up and talked with her and 
the teacher after class. He sang praises to us for what we are doing here. Then Steve, 
the teacher, goes on and says, "I know quite a bit about what they do here. 
They not only do all these good things, but they also get a lot of opposition 
and persecution for trying to do good." It was so wonderful to hear that from people 
who don't have to tell us we are doing a good job. Sweet experience.

The next day we met up with a friend of our from the university. We went to a museum 
for a concert of sorts. It turned out to be an Italian Opera concert. We were sitting there, 
enjoying the music when out of nowhere we see a member from our branch! 
It was the coolest thing. She saw us and was super surprised. We were a little 
worried that we were enjoying ourselves too much and not "working hard" 
enough where we were miserable, but seeing a member by total surprise was a testament 
to me that the Lord is carefully placing us where He needs us to be. And sometimes 
that is a wonderful concert to support one of His daughters. 

Thanksgiving was great! More details later. . . or not. here are some pictures!!

Us doing the Russian woman pose as a district.

Being sophisticated and what not around someone else's snack.

Sisters together for a show.

We be dazzling errbody out here.

Thanksgiving breakfast.

Soup for when I was sick this week. 
I feel a little better. Sister Palmer did a fabulous job 
making it for me while I rested!
Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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