Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Week 6 - July 15, 2015 Missing Everyone!

 My Dearest Readers,

I don't have that much time to write today, 
but know that I love you all so much and pray for you often!

Russians singing at the Temple on Sunday

On July 10th, the missionaries were able to watch President Boyd K. Packer's funeral. 
Even though we haven't had any apostles come and speak to us yet, 
it was really nice to be apart of the service for such a master teacher and loving apostle.

He's the one that helped work on all the footnotes in the scriptures that cross-reference 
from the Bible to the Book of Mormon and other books of God. 
It is because of him that I have been able to develop such a 
wonderful testimony of the scriptures.

Some of our zone with the flag upside down

It's official. I'll be in Russia in less than 3 weeks!!!!! 

Our favorite people here... they leave Monday :[

I can't believe it. Sometimes I still wonder what in the world am I going to be doing? 
I don't know anything about Russia! How is this little ol' me going to make a difference? 
I'm also super stoked about all the crazy things that I'll encounter in Russia. 
They say that most of the strongest members of the church are in Russia. 
I think it's by virtue of the tough lives they live. You have to be tough to survive Russia. 
I can't wait to become the person Heavenly Father intended me to be.

​Me and sister Thomas with our class

I'm definitely being humbled here. I need to work harder and obey more perfectly. 
It's hard to believe I've finished my 6th week here at the MTC. 
I have never made my bed so much in my entire life!!!! We are getting more Russians today, 
17 in our branch. One of which was a friend from BYU, Elder Foote. 
Cectpa Foote would care less about having another Foote but I think it's hilarious. 
Two feete in the Russian zone hehe.

A lovely blurry photo of the sisters in my district and our two teachers

We are saying goodbye to our teacher Sister Allred. She is amazing. 
She has helped Cectpa Foote and I a lot when we have our little meltdowns. 
She is going back to where she served her mission in Ukraine 
and then visit the Baltics where her brother served. She will be missed greatly.

We love singing!

I honestly have no idea what else to share, other than I love the scriptures. 
Each time I study, I feel like what I read applies exactly to me or those around me. 
I have a lot of work to do to be more Christlike, but I know that I can get there. 
I need to trust in the Lord and know that His grace is sufficient for me. 
With Him I can get through all the trials that are set before me. 
If we are having a hard time, it's only because He is trying to mold us into something more.

I love you all so darn tootin much! Write me, keep me updated!!!!!

Much love, 

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