Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week 8 - July 29, 2015 Schto Takoy! I'm Going to Russia!!!!

           My Dearest Readers,

AHJSKFGISDHJNKSAUFJSHDIOF!!!! I'm actually going to Russia. 
In less than a week I'll be walking on Russian soil, scared out of my whits, 
but determined to make a difference in someone's life. 
I have been waiting for this moment for such a long time. Just yesterday, 
I was packing my bags to go to BYU, now I'm packing my bags for Russia? 
Schto??? (What??)

Me & My Russian Flag

The word "yeah" has left my vocabulary completely and all I can utter is "da!" 
I honestly cannot believe that I have learned a whole new language in just 9 mere weeks. 
I guarantee that I am not fluent. But I definitely know that the Lord has truly 
blessed me with the gift of tongues. 
I could not have done any of this without God's grace and my Savior. 
It's incredible. I have been soooo humbled this past week.

Me & Other Sister Missionary

I managed to go 8 weeks without having a mental breakdown. 
But I definitely was humbled through various experiences. I'm not going to lie. It was rough. 
The beautiful thing about it though is that through our trials, we are made stronger. 
Through sorrow, our hearts are stretched so 
that they have the capacity to love more than ever before. 
This video perfectly describes what I have been feeling 
and what I have learned through others. 
I know countless examples of those who go through trials 
and come out much stronger than ever before. 
This is all possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ:

             Now for updates on my mission life:

Last Wednesday, we have this thing called TRC 
which allows missionaries to teach members 
once a week in their mission language. 
We taught this wonderful RM with a great Spirit. 
We taught about the Atonement how it helps us though trials. 
He then told us about how he just found out that his little 4 year-old niece 
just went to the hospital for cancer. He promised us that he would share his testimony 
on the Atonement with them. Cectpa Foote and I were just ecstatic to know that our little, 
simple lesson could have helped someone. Truly helped someone! 
Why I was sooo happy that I was flinging my ring of little flashcards around afterwards. 
All of a sudden the ring comes undone and all 100+ flashcards fly across the room. 
Don't you worry my friends, Cectpa Graham is still that unfortunate clutz.

Our Fav Service Project EVER 

Monday, we did a Skype TRC with a native Russian speaker. 
The past two times we had done it, 
we OWNED it. Then this time we had a real bAbooshka. 
Emphasis on the A please. She corrected every word we said. 
We understood nothing of what she said and just said 
whatever we hoped would respond properly.

Schtooooo? We are going to Russia and the Baltics?!?!?!?!?! 

Then she prayed for us. I broke down in the middle of the lesson. It was gold. 
Then she kept talking for 5 more minutes, we thought she was insulting our language skills. 
We later find out from my teacher that our lesson went super well!! 
We responded appropriately and she thought I was crying because of the Spirit. hahaha. 
I fooled them haha. The time she spoke after the prayer was just her giving us 
a traditional bAbooshka blessing. You know the one where they bless you with many sons 
and a good husband and fruitful loins and what not hahaha. 
She actually lives in my mission and was telling me to visit her ASAP.

 Our Otkroog (District) 

The devotionals here are superb. I honestly love it so much. 
We found out yesterday that they will probably have an apostle come speak to them.. . 
the day after we leave. I was sad and upset. But God called me to this mission, 
at THIS time for a reason. I have to trust in God's timing. 
I need to put my expectations aside and follow the Savior's example 
and align my will with the Father's will. 

I love everyone so much. I am really going to miss my Cectpa Foote. 
She is going to a different area than me. We have grown so close. 
She knows me sooooooo well. I love my district and all the friends I've made. 
I'm excited to make new friends and makes new memories. It's soooo sad knowing 
that I went to the temple for the last time in the next 16 months.

Us With The Young-ins'  Vladivostok Will Be Lucky!

Going every week (except during temple cleaning) has truly blessed my life. 
Go to the temple. Be worthy to go to the temple. 
If you aren't a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 
then go to the visitor's center. It's beautiful. 
Not having a temple in Russia just motivates me more to help the people 
get one as soon as possible. 
I love you all sooooooo much. I truly do. 
I won't be able to email next week. But I'll write back soon enough.

If you love me, then watch this video. This is why I'm serving!!!! 

Wish me luck!!!!

Manoga lubov, (much love)
Cectpa Graham

p.s.: my name in russian cursive looks like "cempa Spam"

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