Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 17 - October 5, 2015 4 Months in- Coincidence? I think not!

       My dearest readers, 

I can't believe I've already hit my 4-month mark on a mission. Where did the time go? 
Days seem like years, but weeks seem like days. Then the month just flies by!

It's gotten sooo cold this past week.Good thing I bough the boots when I did. 
I also bought tights my first week so those are paying off right now. Tights are life-savers. 
Babooshky get mad when you don't wear enough clothing. They also rule the world. 
I'm going to buy winter stuff today, so hopefully we get some good deals.

We have this English Club where we talk to people in English and play games, 
and share a spiritual thought. When playing 2 truths and a lie, I say my beloved seagull story. 
This guy, Constantine, doesn't believe it. He knew of all my mosquito bites 
and when I tripped on the bus so his response was: "You got bit by mosquitos, a bus, 
and now a seagull? No girl could be so unlucky." 
Little did he know hahaha Russians are hilarious.

It's been a crazy week. We have seen some miracles for sure! I love Sister Hansen sooo much! 
We seriously have so much fun together. It's so important for us to rely on one another for help. 
We can do this alone! At the end of every day, Sister Hansen and I do a 
"my favorite thing about you today." It really helps me see 
that I've actually had an impact on this area and the people that live here. 
Satan doesn't want us to realize our potential or to see all the great things we are doing. 
Praising one another and expressing appreciation for each other's efforts is a way 
that the Lord strengthens us.

I've been working really hard on praying fervently for miracles, 
because we sure need them! 
There's no way the work here in Balakova will progress without miracles. 
One of the miracles that especially stuck out to me this week is 
when we were trying to stop by this member's home for a lesson. 
We literally went ALL around the city looking for it. 
First we went to this one place thinking it was right, only to find the right address across town. 
Then when we get there, we call the member and she says she lives in 14 not 114. 
So we go there and there's a completely different babooshka there. 
We call someone else to double check the address on the member list and he never calls back. 
Then we call our elders since it's in their area. 
At that very moment, our DL was looking at the ward list and had his finger on her name. 
Coincidence? I think not! 
Then he told us that she lives near them at a completely different address. 
So the elders tell us where to go. 
We finally find this lady's home and are welcomed by fruit tea and cookies. 
Not only that, this lady, Natasha, sat in on the lesson and shared how her daughter is dead 
and that she just feels so alone. We shared a little message that we can see our families again. 
It was such a miracle. We invited her to church. She didn't come because she had work, 
but we definitely are praying to meet with her again!

 Another great miracle was when we dropped by a random former investigator's home. 
She totally let us in and gave us tea. She has a cute little son who was totally freaked out by us. 
Turns out this mom, Larisa, has a daughter named Sasha, who was baptized last year! 
We've been trying to get in touch with her for the longest time. 
We made a return appt. so that we can meet Sasha. 
We are bringing a member who knows her so it will be great! 

Whelp I would write more but I've exhausted my fingers typing so much. I love you all soo much!!

Much love, 
Cecpta Graham

Ps: One of my favorite people on this side of the world, Cvyeta, says "Hello! I love you, 
Russia loves you, and Balakova loves you!" 
She's this awesome, youthful, babooshka(not really) who bakes like a master 
and goes contacting and works with us. 

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