Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 18 - October 12, 2015 Let it Snow #Ponderize

     My dearest readers,

Whelp I can officially say I've been in a Russian snowstorm. 
It's getting super duper cold as of late. Kind of crazy. 
The first snowfall was on Wednesday and has been on an off ever since. 
This Southern Californian girl is far from home. But that's okay, I'm starting to like the cold. 
We drink herbal tea all the time here in order to stay warm. 
Plus we've mastered the corn chowder dish. 

Fun fact: So there is this general rule, that when you are a sister missionary 
and men/guys ask if you have a boyfriend you say yes. Whelp, I had never heard of it before. 
So when a guy from English club asked us if we had boyfriends and Sister Hansen said yes, 
I exclaimed: You do?? Thinking that she had been withholding valuable information from me. 
Only after the fact did this bright soul of yours truly understood why she said that. 
Now I have to come up with a fake boyfriend back in America. 
Maybe I'll just describe Captain America or Captain Moroni as my fake boyfriend. 
No one would be able to tell the difference, right?

I absolutely LOVED General Conference. 
That has seriously been one of the parts of my testimony that has grown the most. 
Prophets called of God truly speak to us as His mouthpiece today. 
Sister Hansen and I had been talking about the Second Coming a lot this last week 
so we were so intrigued seeing how much the people addressed it this conference. 
Kind of crazy. I was really impressed by the phrase 
"Your faith right now is not enough to withstand what lies ahead." 
It's incredible to see how humbled I needed to be before the mission. 
I honestly thought I was some hot shot who knows all about the gospel. 
I thought I didn't need strengthening when it came to gospel things. 
Man was I wrong. I have soooo much to learn. 
Thankfully Jesus Christ loves and accepts us for who we are today, 
not only who we can become. We all have this incredible potential. Everyone does.

Today we are going to Saratov for our zone conference and then splits for this cycle. 
We'll be hearing from and meeting Elder Cacher from the area 70 and 
Sister McConkie of the General Relief Society Presidency this week for a special zone conference. 
We want sooo badly for a stake here in Saratov. There is a special family night going on tonight. 
Hopefully there are enough members to make a statement! 
Hopefully the apostles approve a stake pretty soon. 
Things will really pick up here and in Russia in general if we do. Next step a temple!!! 

I don't have much time left, but I love you all. Thank you for your constant love and support. 
Please check out general conference. It will change your life. Always remember our Savior Jesus Christ. 
We are in perilous times right now. It's getting exponentially more difficult to be believing. 
We are all God's children. First love God, then love His children. 
I know that God has restored His gospel here on earth. We have living prophets who guide us today. 
No effort is in vain. 

S'Bogam (With God) and much love, 

Cectpa Graham

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