Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 19 - October 19, 2015 Great week for Miracles!

     My dearest readers,

Man oh man, what a miraculous week! We have been blessed soooo much this week. 
I don't even know where to start. Well I have 20 minutes to catch you up on errthang that happened. 
So I probably won't write it all. 

I met Sister McConkie (1st counselor in the General Relief Society Presidency) 
this week at our Zone conference! Oh man, she is seriously so incredible. 
I was able to meet her and talk with her a little bit. Her husband is so great! 
He really knows how to relate to missionaries. What impressed me the most about 
Sister McConkie was how she interacted with the members after her training later Tuesday night. 
I had the opportunity to sit in since we were on splits. 
Even though she didn't understand a thing they said, she showed genuine love 
and care for these members. She talked with all that would approach her. 
She truly is Christlike. 

Elder Kacher of the Area 70 really laid down the law for our mission 
and how we can reach our goal of 40 baptisms between now and the end of this year. 
We have to exercise GREAT faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to be exactly obedient. 
Our attitude matters. It's not enough to just go through the actions. Faith without works is dead. 
Works without faith is dead(er). Sis. Graham original right there haha. It's so true though. 
When we just try and obey the commandments would actually believe in Christ, 
they are just hollow commitments. We must BELIEVE! 
Much good can come from the prayer of faith. I encourage everyone to study that topic. 
Enos, a prophet in the Book of Mormon is a great example of a prayer(s) of faith. 
We must pray for an answers, and then commit to that answer. 
One of my goals this week is to be more decisive. I need to commit to what I'm doing. 
I need to rely on the Savior in everything. 

Sooo many miracles this week: We have been praying so hard for miracles, 
and one big miracle specifically: that Lena (our investigator) will be baptized this Saturday. 
It's a hefty goal considering her extremely complicated life. She's had a lot of challenges in her life. 
We fasted yesterday in hopes that she will be qualified for baptism on Saturday. 
We've honestly received so many miracles this week! 

A couple weeks ago we dropped by this former's house who had a daughter 
who is actually a member, Sasha. We set up a return appointment so that we could meet Sasha, 
but later received a text that Sasha didn't want to meet with us. 
BUT we got a text the Thursday we returned from Saratov, that Sasha wan't to meet with us! 
Then on Friday we met her. She's such a gem!!! 

On Saturday, we had English club.  As of late, not that many people have been showing up, 
but this week we had so many people! Even a potential showed up. 
After English, Sister Hansen and I exercised faith and got over our fear of bus contacting 
by talking to these super cute girls. Turns out one speaks English super well, 
so we gave them restoration pamphlets with our info on the back. Hopefully they call! 
Also, we had so many less-actives show up to church on Sunday. 
We had 4 show up, plus an investigator. 
I know the Lord has been pouring out His Spirit on Balakova. We've been blessed in areas 
that we haven't even anticipated! 

Also, I had KFC last week in Saratov, where we did splits. Man I miss fried chicken. 
We are attempting to make some this week. Wish us luck!! 
Also I bought a winter coat. It's huge. But sooo warm. 
Everyone is Russia dresses soooo well in winter! Cute coats every which way. 
Also, all the babooshkas wear these bubble like hats. 

Please, if you have time, pray for our investigator Lena this week. 
We want her to be baptized this Saturday. It's definitely a HUGE leap of faith! 
I love you all sooo much. I love my darling companion Sister Hansen. 
We are going to do sooo many things together when we get home. 
SO glad we are together!

Next week I have tranfers and my first visa trip where I go out of the country
 for a day to get a new passport and visa. Maybe Ukraine or Latvia :D 
We will see. I'll keep you updated on where I go and who I serve with. 

Cectpa Graham

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