Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 40 - March 14, 2016 The Power Puff Girls, Three Musketeers, Charlie's Angels. . . .

         Yo Yo Yo!

All good things comes in threes! Whelp, what a week! 
Since Sissy Mckell went back home last week and my new companion Sister Hoffman 
didn't come until Thursday night, I spent the whole week in tripanionships. 
I would with 7 different sisters this week. Kind of crazy haha. So worth it. 
I love all the sisters in our mission. We all are truly beloved daughters of God. 
We each have our own gifts that touch the hearts of those around us. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I had for learning from so many disciples of Christ. 
I worked with Sisters Warnick, Bierman, Hoffman, Thomas, Reed, Johnson, 
and Jenni (Schwab). What a treat!

​I spent the week with a bunch of different sisters. 
Aren't they sooo cute??

 March 8th is this super cool holiday for every single woman (Mother's Day has it's own holiday). 
We wanted to give flowers to this less active we were going to stop by, 
but I wanted to make sure not to be ripped off. So I went up to this one lady, 
and she told me the price 100 rubles. I was like, uhm no let's try looking at a different place. 
Then these three younger guys were selling flowers. I asked about the fancy looking flowers 
and he said, 300 rubles. So I thought "hard pass." Then I asked about these super popular yellow. .  .branches? Flowers? The guy said " без платно" and gave me a handful. 
Then he gave some to the other sisters haha. We still got it! 

​We got free flowers on Women's day

We went over to less-active Galina this week on Women's day. 
I was pleasantly surprised to see two sisters from our branch sitting in the kitchen. 
They had spent the whole day with her! These great sisters did their visiting teaching! 
I was so happy to see them there. Galina was just shining with happiness. 
You could tell how much it meant to her that these sisters stopped by, 
and then having missionaries over was just icing on the cake. 
I just love them all so much!

YUMMY FOOD!!! Soo Russian. I love it!!!!

Sister Hoffman is just the cutest! She's from Washington 
and is probably the nicest person you'll ever meet. She works hard and isn't afraid of anyone. 
We are learning the language together so I'll have to step up my game. 

Served with Sister Johnson and Thomas. 
Then we all had sushi at the mission office. . . 
yeah the elder with the yellow tie is eating a sushi burrito. . . . 

Bee tee dubs: We met our Book of Mormon count!!! Sister Warnick and I passed out one KM 
and then Sister Mckell and Sister Wagstaff gave one out at the airport! 
Woooo 70 Book of Mormons in 7 weeks!! That truly is a miracle. 

​We had super yummy food from this great family!!!

Whelp the time has gone. LOVE YOU! Read Alma 19 it's all about faith!

Super cool buidling, Big Brother status. . .circa 1984

Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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