Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 39 - March 7, 2016 Pure Faith?

My dearest readers,

So I am staying in Bezi! Suprise! Not really haha. I will be serving with Sister Hoffman. 
She came to Russia three months after me, so we are going to have a lot of fun adventures. 
I've heard only good things about her so I am excited to serve with her this cycle.

I am so grateful to the Lord that I have been able to work with Sister Mckell 
her last two months on her mission. It's incredible to see the "end" result of a mission. 
She truly has been such a great example to me. I am definitely not the same missionary I was 
before I served with her. I have improved so much! She is just incredible. 
I look forward to developing the same qualities and skills and hope one day 
I can be as great of a missionary as she is. 

Waiting outside for our taxi that never came. Gotta love the Derp Face.

We have seen some great miracles, we have found three people this week 
who have super great potential! We were walking home after a long day 
and decided to talk to one more person, Tania. She readily accepted what we said 
and to read the KM. We stopped by again at her work and at that moment  
she had just started reading the KM. Not a coincidence. Then Thursday night, 
on our way home, we said hello to this one girl, Katia. She gave us a huge smile 
and was so excited to talk to us. She said that she used to meet with sisters last spring 
and wanted to learn more. She hasn't come to our church yet, but she said she wants to! 
We got her number again. Then just this Saturday, we ran into her again! 
It's obvious that us running low on money and having to walk to more places 
is just according to the Lord's plan. He is putting people in our path, 
even when we least expect it. I am so grateful to be serving the Lord. 

The District! From left to right: Cts. Allred, Fletcher, Peterson, Shea, me, Sissy Mckell. 
I had to set the self timer and ran over and shuffled awkwardly around, 
hence the judging gaze from Ct Shea. 

Something that I studied last week is that there is a difference between someone 
with a good quantity of faith and someone with quality faith. I think we can tell the difference between quantity and quality of faith when we look at the sincerity and motivation 
behind the faith. Quantity can be related to "outward" faith. We may do a lot of things 
that show a large quantity of faith, but if we aren't doing it for the right reasons, 
is it really good quality? If I am sincerely doing something for the right reasons, 
then is it pure faith. No matter how small and limited or weak the efforts may seem, 
it still means a lot to the Lord. I am going to work really hard to improve my faith!

Props my favorite district photo of all time. The thug life with nametags. 
Who said missionaries aren't cool?

KM count: 68
We are going to work hard to give out the last two KM to people today!!!
Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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