Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 54 - June 20, 2016 Summer is in the air. . ..

       My dearest readers,

As a request from my mother, I'm going to answer a few questions:

I am currently serving in Toliatti, which is about 2 hours away from my last area 
and the mission office. The branch here is incredible. They used to have 3 branches here 
a few years ago, and then things happened so now they just have one. 
So just imagine all of the most strong and active members of 3 branches condensed into one. 
That is our branch. The members here are incredible. So many strong families. 
Like legit families, with a mom and dad and little kiddos, all active and strong! 
It is by far the biggest and most mature branch I've seen on my mission. 
They are just so great!  I haven't been able to work with most of them just yet, 
but I'll get there. 

On our way to our conference. Only we sisters were left on the bus haha​

Getting ready for conference

In the past three weeks, we have been blessed to find 8 new investigators. 
That is the most I've gotten in my whole mission. The Lord has poured out His Spirit 
upon us and this city. Now we just need to teach them the word of God so that 
they can decide for themselves if they want to follow Christ example. 

The Volga

Sister Johnson and I went on splits. 
Our friend took us to the Volga. 

We met with our investigator, Olga, whom we helped on her dacha. 
Well later that night we went contacting. We had planned to go somewhere, 
but both of us felt we should go somewhere else. Each turn we made conscious decisions 
on where to go. Then for our last contact, we talked to a women a ways away from us and compliment her garden. She the immediately said, "Americans?" We asked how she know. Apparently her friend, Olga, talked ALL about us! Our investigator is already turning into 
a great missionary for us. Turns out this woman really, really wanted to talk to us. 
She said she was just wondering how she could find us and why we don't come up 
and talk to her! Then we talked to her! It's definitely a testament to me that 
God is really aware of us and our desires. 
He wants to bless us individually and greatly! 

This is a picture of a hand holding an umbrella. 
If you look really closely, 
you'll see our investigator with a bag on her head 
and another bag covering her close. 
She lent us the umbrella so we wouldn't get sick. 
Love her. 

 I know God loves us and watches over us!

President and Sister Schwab and they daughter Jenni. 
They leave June 30. 
Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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