Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 56 - July 4, 2014 I love to be a missionary! Cause at least I know I'm called. . .

     My dearest readers,

Wow I cannot believe 13 months have gone by so far. It is so true. 
Months feels like days and days feel like months haha. Just so much happens in one week. 
I wish I could just spend all day sharing about all my fun adventures. I must admit, 
I am about a week late on my journal- I used to be about a month late. . .
I'm working on it haha. Where to begin? 

We were stopping by a less actives home and ran into this guy. 
Isn't Russia beautiful

Sister Miller is just the best. Seriously, we just have sooo much fun together. 
We don't even have to say anything. She knows exactly what I'm about to say. 
She loves my cheesy puns and super sarcastic remarks. We just have a blast together. 
She helps me get through the hard times and works like a champ! One time this week 
when we were at a less-actives house, she gave us a pill to take. 
It helps your mind work better, she said. I had to pretend to take it 
and so did Sister Miller. We were just dying of laughter in the meeting. 
Then the woman practically swallowed a spoonful of flour and ground seeds . . 
then after the meeting we actually took the pill 
because it turned out to be just some random oil thing. 

I told her "on three!" and never counted...

Friday was one of the most "fun" days on my mission. 
We met with one of our investigators, Sasha. I love her! (yes, like the investigator in Bezi, 
just a woman ahah) We had a great lesson about why we don't baptize little children. 
We read Moroni 8 with her and she completely agreed. She is going to pray whether 
or not she needs to be baptized in this church. Then we went on a Ferris Wheel -
after asking permission from our new mission president- and then ate ice cream, 
cotton candy, corn in a cup, and walking around a park. Then we had FHE. 
It was a blast! I love Russia!

We got a new mission president on Friday. 
I called him on the phone to ask if we could go on a ferris wheel 
with our investigator. He said "Yeah sure, 
just give her a hug and say you love her!" ​

Cotton Candy!

It matched my skirt!

We are sitting on a beard. . . .my life's dream. 

The witch and the king. . . think of "Hanzel and Gretel." 

Sunday, a family from Los Angeles came to visit. The wife is Russian 
and the husband is from LA. It was soooo weird! I missed the California accent 
and the way we locate places by freeways. I forgot what the 405 was and where the 101 hits. 
It was glorious and also strange, talking to people in English about Ventura. Just weird. 
I hope I will be able to adjust quickly when I get home. 
I may be speaking Russian more than I think. . . 

Today was awesome!! Happy 4th of July!!! 

Our friends drew the pictures, and we later tried to differentiate 
"Look Alive" and "look Alike"

We had a huge party!! I was able to celebrate this day of Independence 
with a German and Russians and Americans. 

Note the Independence Day Chalkboard behind
Elder Plettig's German football jersey.

I think that is soo cool! It doesn't matter where you are from you can still be together 
and enjoy one another's company. We watched Meet the Mormons in Russian 
and I actually understood 80% of it! Wooooo!

Our big group of people!!! Yay for holidays!!! 

Elder Plettig Quotes of the Week: 
(1) We are going around in a circle sharing our childhood fears. 
Sister Miller said hers was jack in the boxes. Then he asked "Who is jack?" 

(2) While he was making burger buns for our celebration today, I asked him.   
"Are those German Buns?" Then he got offended and said 
"I just wanted to have a little bit of German on The 4th of July. Is that so wrong?" 

(3) The Old testament in russian translates to "ramshackle testament." 
After laughing hysterically he says: "Ramshackle testament. That cracks me out!" 
I love serving with him haha. 

We aren't usually supposed to be in the same public place 
as other missionaries, but on Sundays our buses come so rarely 
that we got mozhno.We were the only ones on!! 

ATTENTION!!!! So to end off, I have a favor to ask everyone. 
There is this Russian law that is going to be reaching the higher ups soon in Russia 
which would completely get rid of missionary work in Russia. Talking about God 
in the streets or in public will be illegal. If this law gets passed, then I'm not sure 
what will happen to us. Please pray for us and for the leaders of this great nation 
for the Lord to soften their hearts. That being said, I know that this is God's true church 
and his gospel. Nothing can stop the stone from rolling forth amongst every nation, 
kindred, and tongue. Nothing can frustrate God's plans. I'm actually not too worried about it, 
but I know that God will give us miracles. We just have to ask for it first. 
I love you all and pray for you. Have a great week!!!

Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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