Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 59 - July 25, 2016 Short but Sweet!

   Hello  there!

I don't have much time. Sorry y'all. Luckily I did a question and answer with my mom 
so here you are!!!

     1. How are you doing? Good. It's hard and we don't have a lot of answers
         so we are just doing our best in the dark. We will just doing
         our best with what we have.

     2 What have you guys been doing with the new changes? We study, index, meet
        with members and do service projects.

     3 What is your new "calling" over there? Don't have one yet, we plan to meet
        with the branch president this week to get one.

     4 What can you guys do? see answer two

     5 What type of service do you guys do everyday? Well there aren't many
        and we can't look for them officially, but we clean the church building
        or help serve members. more will come through time. they will be assigning
        someone to find service projects for us.

     6 if a person comes into the church building and just wondering about our church,
        can you guys talk to the person about our beliefs? Yes and no.  We can talk to them,
        but nothing close to testifying or teaching without the presence of a Russian member
        of the church present. So only factual or nonreligious topics.

     7 What if a person wants to join our church, can you guys still baptize them? Once they
        sign a paper saying they are doing this of their own will we can teach them. Elders
        can no longer perform these ordinances. A member will do the actual baptizing.

     8 Can we still say anything of the church? our believe in the email? Yes you can.
        You are free to do so but don't address me as a missionary. I am a volunteer.
     9 What can and can't we (emailers) do? see above answer

     10 where do you guys write your email an internet cafe

     11 how long you guys spend on reading and replying? about 2-3 hours.

I'll send more pictures and video next week!! I love you!


Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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