Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 60 - August 1, 2016 Tanning in Toliatti

     Hey there my buds!

This was an interesting week! 

Not much happened this week.It was pretty slow actually, but not  bad. 
I love indexing and cleaning now haha. This Friday we celebrated 
Elder Dorius' birthday a few days early. I made chocolate chip cookies. 
They were from Aunt Shelley's cookbook. So yummy! 

Elder Lee gave our district Smores for our district meeting! 
Real graham crackers! had to explain to Ct Plettig what they were          
We went to a ward picnic this Saturday.It was awesome! And hilarious. 
We are definitely in Europe. . . Speedos are not reserved only for the swim team. 
Other than that I just about died of happiness. I threw an American football again, 
played frisbee, and ate Shashlik. It was great! It was like I was back at Leo Carillo Beach 
for a day! I love the members here. They are just so special!

Arboose! Super yummy! 

Yay for the beach!

The boy cutting tree & such!

I love the Liahonas we get each month. For those who do not know, 
they are church magazines that have articles from church leaders and members 
from all over the world. They are super inspiring. Elder Bednar in the most recent article 
talked about having the faith not to be healed. It is such and interesting topic because 
so often in scriptures it is written that the Lord healed many people. The only requirement 
was to have faith in Him. But Elder Bednar brings up the point that we really have to take 
into consideration the will of God in all things. We can have a hard time seeing the 
why of trials while in the midst of them. We are the to be tested. It is only through trials
 and hardships do we get the most growth. You can't expect to run a marathon 
if you can't first run a mile.That only comes from experience.

The Bezi sisters!

Sister Hansen and I reunited.

Gotta get that work!

The key, however, to allowing that growth process to occur in trials is that we have to 
submit our will over to the Lord. I have been an eye witness to the power and depth 
of the love of God. He wants us to be better. The Lord has now given me a unique 
trial of my own. I was really comfortable at what I was doing before this new law. 
I'll even go as far to say that I was really good at what I was doing. Yeah it was hard work, 
but I felt like I could do it. I didn't need anyone else's help. I could contact for days and talk 
to all the people on the bus. But now I have to really rely on the Lord. He is going to show us 
in His way how this is His work. I know God lives and loves us!                                        

One year in Russia is next week?!/!?! What? LOVE YOU!

Sister Hines! 
She kicked my butt in working out. She's a crossfit trainer. 
Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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