Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 13 - September 7, 2015 A Week of Celebration

          My beloved readers,

First and foremost: thank you. I feel like it's near impossible to thank you 
for all that you have done for me, and continue to do for me. 
I always feel your love each week. 
The reason for the subject line is that this has been quite the interesting week ahha.

 Us and the Cute Art

We were out and about for Tuesday and Wednesday dealing with various things 
so we couldn't cook very often. We had super good beef schwarma two days in a row. 
I am so happy haha. It's a cross between a burrito and a wrap, with delicious bbq meat. 
Last Monday I tried Russian pizza for the first time. . ...it wasn't bad. 
But it was drizzled with. . . MAYO. 
I tried to eat it like a champ. I finished two pieces!!! 
Although whilst walking to the branch building (prihode) and eating the slice at the same time, 
a piece of tomato came off unexpectedly and got mayo over my chin and neck. 
I literally almost had a panic attack hahaha. All was well. 
I was able to clean it off after struggling for 5 minutes to find tissues in my bag. 
Sis. Palmer was just laughing the whole time. I also had soft serve for the first time. 
Milk is a little different here, like a different aftertaste. I don't mind it. 
The soft serve was just not the same though.

 The Coat I Just Bought

I think what has helped me the most through rough times 
is trying to develop an attitude of gratitude. 
I had such a wonderful study session this morning on gratitude, humility, and grace. 
When we are grateful, we thank God for ALL of the things He has given us. 
Which includes this gospel, our loved ones, our achievements and failures, 
our strengths and weakness, our blessings and trials. When we are grateful, 
we realize that all that we are and all that we have comes from God. 
This, my friends, is the definition of humility. It's complete recognition 
and reliance on the Lord. When we are humble, we receive the fulness of God's grace. 
It's this wonderful formula that has been here this whole time. 
I look forward to studying this more in depth later this week.

 Apparently if you put your arm around his its good luck in romance

A lot of what I studied this morning was in 1 Peter 5. I strongly encourage anyone 
who has time to check out this chapter. 
I get the most out of my studies when I try to dissect each verse and apply it to myself. 
Next, I'm going to study how to humble myself willingly.  

Miracles: So I can't exactly point out any huge, mountain moving miracles. 
We try to pray for miracles everyday. Honestly, I think there are too many little miracles 
that happen in our lives everyday that we fail to notice. 
Elder James E. Talmage writes a wonderful exerpt on miracles in his book, Jesus the Christ. 
Pretty much miracles are happening all around us. 
He gives the example of a seed growing into a grape. Simple yet significant. 
These miracles we have had include being able to have each day work out. 
We had a lot of things that needed to be done, 
and a lot of stumbling blocks got in the way, but we still managed to have everything work out. 
We also had three new investigators this week. 
One of which was a total surprise through a member. 
Another was a fruit from our labors of calling out of the area book. 
Hopefully these turn out well!

My First District

Friday was my monthaversary in Russia. 
We told the elders to make the treat this time for district meeting. 
They made fudge!!!!! Three layer fudge in fact haha. I thought that was super sweet! 
In all senses of the word possible haha. Next week are transfers!! 
Woooo I'm made it this far!!! We may or may not be staying in Balakova. 
So we will see. If not I will be leaving behind a trail of lots and lots of cats and babooshky.

 The Fudge the Elders Made for Us 

I love you all sooooo much. We are all capable of doing greats thing today! Right now! 
Right where we are planted. There are people waiting for us. 
We just have to open our eyes to see. 

Much love, 
Cectpa Spam

ps: it was also city day on saturday so all of balakova under the age 70 (probably half of the population) 
was out on the streets at this concert. 

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