Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 15 - September 21, 2015 Attack of the Mosquitos

          My dearest readers, 

HULLLO! I have officially survived my first week of transfer. 
My new companion, Sister Hansen, is such a gem. I love her soo much! 
We've struggled together and laughed together so you know it's a good companionship haha. 
She is such a great example to me. We have been working really hard this week on trying to find people. We've been better at contacting this week than on my whole first cycle! 
We are told to contact for at least 3 hours every day. And due to forces beyond our own, 
we have definitely gotten in those 3 hours and then some! 
Can't say I haven't walked enough hahaha. 
We are both relatively new to the mission, so we are able to related really well. 
Krochi (in short), we are buds!

(Sister Hansen & I) Our First Selfie Together

Sooooo one day, we got pretty lost when we took an unfamiliar bus to try 
and find better areas to contact at night. We didn't know 
where we were since both of us were really new to the area, so we just tried walking home. 
We said a prayer out loud. I definitely felt the Spirit guiding me as we walked. 
We were able to make it home - even on time! 

I am doing really well. Although the only thing that is "bugging" me is the fact 
that I'm getting eaten alive by mosquitos! I'm super allergic so my legs look pretty leprous as of late. 
I'm taking some medicine. Hopefully they get better. If not, winter will be very welcome!

​Fruit Roll Ups Tattoos. Thanks Mom!!!!  

I seriously love baking!!!!! We made brownies from scratch. 
They were just magical! I'm sooo happy to have found this hobby of mine!!!! 
We are finding new recipes to try out. Cooking really isn't that hard! 
We can all be good cooks if we just do it!

Our First Apple Pie Together

Fun story: We were contacting in an area that's farther from home, so we had to bus it home. 
The bus comes and we dont want to miss it so we run over. We make it in time. 
I'm in a rush so I try and run on to the bus. . . .and totally EAT IT on the bus. 
I think it's accurate to say I faceplanted onto the bus. Of course, 
my natural reaction is to laugh it off hoping no one noticed haha. 
It's going to be quite funny to see this awkward soul function on slippery ice.

Our Last Photo Before Transfer
This week has really been an interesting one, I have had to go out of my comfort zone a lot. 
It's really helped a lot to have a positive attitude this whole week. I've had to rely on the Lord and 
His Spirit a lot this week. This has really kept me focused on what matters most. 
It's hard every once and a while not to get discouraged, but I've felt really good overall this week. 
I've been really focusing on making my prayers more meaningful. 
I carefully studied the preach my gospel section on praying in faith. The prayer of faith is so powerful! 
There are so many wonderful things the Lord has in store for us, 
we just have to ask Him and then put in our efforts to receive these blessings. 
Prayer really is powerful. We can do so much! And even more with the Lord on our side.

Mushu Knows the Gospel is True
I feel like I'm using my Russian more. It is actually a really beautiful language. 
I hope to become fluent in the future. Sister Hansen said that there was this pair of sisters 
who were really young on the mission who served together. 
Their Russian improved sooo much since they were forced to learn faster. 
Hopefully this will happen to us!!!!

Ain't Russia Beautiful!!!
I love you all sooo much! Thank you for all you do for me and my family. 
Heavenly Father knows each and every one of us. We all have a great work to do on this earth. 
You are great!!

Much Love, 
Cectpa Graham

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