Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 21 - November 2, 2015 Oh, the Places You'll Go!

     My Dearest Readers, 

What a great week! First off, the visa trip. Man oh man, what a great time! 
So we leave on Tuesday to Samara. It's about a 4-5 hours drive. 
Elder Dorius (in my district for 10 weeks now), Sister Hansen, and I all had visa trips, 
plus all of Elder Dorius' MTC district (about 7 elders) and my MTC district 
(4 other sisters and 2 elders). Safe to say it was a party. 

It was amazing seeing my old district again, all but Elder Lee. 
I missed everyone soooo much!! Especially Sister Thomas. 
Apparently she had missed me just as much because her trainer 
said that she talked all about me haha. I love her. Just like I had hoped, 
Sister Hansen and Thomas became instant friends. It was just such a great reunion. 
All of the sisters in my MTC district will be serving with one another! 
In the same zone too! I'm the odd one out in Saratov, but that's okay! 

We had 13 missionaries in our visa trip group. We made it to Moscow, then Riga, 
then back to Moscow pretty safely. Even though we were only able to stay in the airports, 
Latvia is such a beautiful place! I'm definitely visiting when I come back to Russia. 
Somehow, an elder lost his ministerial slip, which allows us to stay in Russia legally. 
So he and another elder had to stay back in Moscow while the rest of us returned to Samara. 
It was super stressful. Normally all the missionaries make it back to our area haha. 
Luckily everything got sorted out and they are working hard right now in their respective areas. 
It was so crazy, because everyone except Sister Hansen would be going home the same time. 
Elder Dorius' district come back with me and my sisters. 
I had $12 fro-yo at the airport and it was soooo worth it. 
I missed out on T.G.I. Fridays hot wings so I'll remember that for next trip haha. 

We had a pretty busy rest of the week. When we were about to leave Samara, 
we managed to give a KM (book of mormon) to the taxi driver who was super nice. 
Then we had a lot of work to do, despite the fact that we haven't slept fully. 
It takes about a week or two to get back to the swing of things. 

So I saw absolutely NO Halloween costumes on Saturday! I was so bummed! 
So if you had an awesome Halloween costume, send me a photo! I'd love to see them! 
It was English Club on Halloween so our district bought a lot of candy and decorations. 
We then decorated the chalk board for kicks. 
The Elders got us cute little witch-hat-headbands to wear. 
It counts as a costume, right? We ended up having a good time. 

Sunday was cool because there was this broadcast for the Eastern Europe Area. 
A couple of the Seventy, Sister McConkie (who we met), 
and President Russell M. Nelson all spoke in the broadcast. It was cool. 
We watched it in sacrament meeting. 
It was all in Russian, but I got the gist of it. Good news! 
I can understand most of what people are saying in church now! 
Hurrah! President Nelson said something really cool about fasting, 
"Going hungry to help the hungry." It really put things into perspective. 
We don't know why they had the broadcast though. 
There is going to be a huge District Conference (like Stake conference) 
in two weeks where really important people are coming 
to speak to the members of the Saratov area. I am SO EXCITED!!!!! 
Maybe an apostle will come! We might get a stake!! AHHHHHHHH. 
Thankfully, since I'm in the Saratov district I can go to this meeting. 

Whelp, that's all for now. Exercise faith IN Jesus Christ. It's not easy, 
but it can work incredible miracles that will change your life! God lives. 
He loves you. Only good things come from God. 
He will hear your prayers and answer them! Trust me, I know. 

Much love
Cectpa Graham

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