Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 25 - November 30, 2015 Thanksgiving!

 Dear Readers:

Sorry y'all I'm out of time. I love you!! 
The Church is true! The Book of Mormon will change your life! 
Here are excerpts from my letter to my mission president about my week:

It has been quite the week! We had splits, which is always a good time and learning experience. 
I loved working with the sisters and finding ways I can improve on being a more effective and diligent missionary. I have been trying to accept the Lord's will as my own. 

Sister Leavitt! The Sister Training Leader (Also sister Hansen's trainer)

Also, I made a beautiful realization this week. 
I have been praying for the longest time to have an overwhelming love for Balakova. 
While I thought I have not had that yet, Saturday at the branch activity and this morning, 
I realized that I LOVE the members here. 
That's all that matters when it comes to loving an area. I truly love the people here. 
I can't believe I would have lived my whole life not knowing them 
if I hadn't served my mission, especially here in Balakova. 
This has helped me through the hard times. I just have to have faith and hope! 

Oh my goodness, we've seen and INCREDIBLE miracle this week. Last Sunday, 
we weren't sure if our branch was doing anything for Thanksgiving since it is an American holiday. So I mentioned it to some of our beloved members and they said of course they do something. 
So with a week to get everything together, we set on having a Thanksgiving activity on Saturday. 

It was not looking good the whole week. 
People kept saying they would try to come but they weren't sure. 
We were so worried that there wouldn't be enough food and that no one would come. 
Saturday morning, we missionaries were scrambling to find things to get the activity together. 
We planned for 3:30. A few people came with some treats. 

The beginning of Thanksgiving

Then, just 50 minutes later, 
the branch building is full of people and the table is overcrowded with delicious treats. 
It was a hard week, so this made all of the struggles worth it. 

I've never felt so happy and full of love and gratitude in my entire life! 
I was missing home since Thanksgiving is one of our big family activities. 
I discovered that I have a new family, here in Russia. Truly a miracle! 
Balakova hasn't had a branch activity in 10 months.. Yet it took only one week, 
many determined members, and the Lord's approval for this miracle to happen! So cool!

Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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