Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 45 - April 18, 2016 Don't Worry, Be Happy!!! Fear not and be of Good Cheer!

         Hello Hello!

Man so many awesome things happened this week! 
Can't fill you in on all but I'll be better next week. 
I made up for last week by sending a ton of photos. . .

Our district photo ft, freshly made gingersnaps by yours truly..... . .^^^^

All the sisters watching General Women's conference. Hurrah!

Look at our yummy General Conference food! 
Featuring our super yummy Salsa

Our last district meeting all together. . . 
JK practically our whole district will stay the same except 
for Elder Allred who is going over to kill Elder Shea. Man so much fun. 

​We made sushi!!! YAY!!!!! 
It included rice, carrots, cucumbers, and imitation crab sticks. 


The Lord has truly blessed us with so many miracles this week! 
Tuesday we met the most prepared woman ever! 
We had spent a couple contacting sessions 
that day without giving out any KM or having good conversations. 
It's the last 30 minutes or so before we return for our studies and dinner. 
We are walking and see this seemingly young girl walking past us 
and weren't sure how okay it was to contact her, but we did it anyway. 

She ended up being a woman who was just really short. 
Katia has two young kids and lives with the father. We ended up asking her 
where we go after this life, and she said she's never wanted to think about it 
because it's too scary. Then we said it's probably only scary if you don't know the answer. 
We then testified of a loving Father in Heaven who created a plan for us. 
Katia then said how she doesn't feel worthy of salvation. 
Then we read Alma 7:10-13 with her. She said she loved all of it. 
We asked if she'd be interested in learning more. She then replied 
"If I wasn't interested then I wouldn't be standing here, 
I would have walked away a long time ago." 
She took a KM right away and we exchanged numbers. 
We are going to meet with her this week. 
It was definitely a miracle we've been waiting for. 

Also we had an incredible meeting with Regina from last week. 
We sat her down with one the most wonderful members in all of the world, Anya. 
In words of Elder Fletcher, " She the closest thing to an apostle." 
We were able to pray with Regina at the closing and end of the meeting 
and she finally took a KM. We felt the spirit so strongly with her! It was just incredible! 
So grateful for the testimonies of humble, every-day members of our church. 
So much power!

Visa Trip! Visa Trip!

Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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