Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 48 - May 9, 2016 Happy Mother's Day

    Dear Readers:

Sorry friends I don't have any time this week. Know I love you all!

It's been a good week. I really has flown by. We went on splits and it was great! 
We had a huge miracle happen. Since Orenburg is an hour ahead of Samara 
we didn't set our phone to Orenburg time. So by the time we had to get ready to leave for our train, our alarm wasn't set to the right time. Our train was at 5:15am. We set our alarm for 3:40am. 
Which ended up being 4:40am Orenburg time. I woke up to the alarm and then all at once 
it hit me that we were going to be late and miss our train. It was definitely the Spirit 
that let me know that it was not the right time. We have about 35 minutes from the time 
that we wake up to the time the train leaves. We rush and call a taxi. 
We by some miracle made it to the train on time. We said a prayer of thanks when we made it. Something that helped us is that even through the craziness of getting ready, 
we still said a baby prayer to ask Heavenly Father for help. He definitely helped us. 
We have been improved on getting out the door more on time. 
We pray everyday for miracles and they are showing up especially as we show our gratitude. 
We had a meeting with Sasha on Saturday, it was great! 
He is such a miracle. He even came to church for all three hours! 

Much love, 
Sister Graham

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