Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 47 - May 2, 2016 I Love Eggs!!!

My dearest readers,

So I've just been super obsessed with eggs. I eat them ALL the TIME! 
Every morning I make a runny fried egg and put it on a piece of toast. It's heaven. 
Then for the Russian Easter, everyone gives out burgandy, hard-boiled eggs!!! 
Kopochi, I love eggs. 

SO the Russian tradition on Easter is to dye eggs, 
using red onion juice or beets (all natural) 
and then to make this bread cupcake thing? and to give out candy 
to little kids who knock doors ( like Halloween!). 

These nice old ladies on the street randomly gave us an egg each 
last night and some candy. I then wrote the common greeting "Христос Воскрес!" 
on my little egg. I was super obsessed with him, put a face on the back. 
So perfect! 

We've been out on the streets a lot this week. 
None of our investigators have been able to meet. 
We just keep praying for them and had a special fast for them this Sunday. 
Something that has helped me cast out doubts and fears has been just "going and doing." 
A lot of things happen in missionary work that we did not plan for, good and bad. 
But if we get stuck on the things that did or didn't happen, 
then we allow for "the evil one [to] have place in [our] heart[s] 
to destroy [our] peace and afflict [our] soul[s]." 
It wasn't until I gave training last district meeting that everything clicked. 
If something doesn't go "our way," then we have to suck it up and do it the Lord's way. 
When we do so willingly, He greatly blesses us! 

We haven't taken a selfie in a while so here it is. . ..

 For example, we had a tough Saturday. 
Other missionaries in our area were out doing a fun service project, 
but because we didn't have an investigator or less-active there we couldn't go. 
So we ended up having an 8-hour contacting day. 
Not to mention things that morning just weren't working out for us. 
Our hot water was turned off; we had a really long, frustrating contact on the street; 
our investigator cancelled on us that evening. Things were just tough. 
I just turned to the Lord and said, "Look, I don't feel like going out and walking around 
to talk to people. I'm going to need your help." Luckily the Lord blessed me 
with a great companion who never complains, and we just went to work. 
The Lord put special people in our path. We ran into that English Anya again 
and talked to her for a while. Then made contact with two girls who wanted to meet next week. 
Then later that night, we were doing former investigator drop-bys and on the way, 
we just said "Good day" to this man, Sasha,  passing by, who asked where we were from 
and turned out to be super prepared. He has been investigating different religions for the past 15 years. Sasha goes to different churches, but something just doesn't quite fit for him. He's met with them all ... except for the "Mormons." He wanted to check out our church and read the Book of Mormon. He was super nice and wants to come to church next week! What a miracle! 

Last night we met a super sweet young woman, who just absolutely loves her family. 
We set up a return appointment for next week to talk more about God's plan for us. 
She, like Sasha, has been looking into different religions, but nothing quite fits. 
We are confident and have faith that she will find what she's been looking for!

Every day the Lord give us something to be grateful for. 
While we have been on the streets a lot this week, we've been finding a lot this week. 
And potentials we call are actually willing to meet with us. 
While things don't always work out like we hope, the Lord is always with us.

Thanks again for your love and support!!! I can't believe i\I'm 11 months into my mission! 
Next month will not only be my year mark, but also my 20th birthday! 
So crazy how much has changed but I am so blessed! Love you all!!!
Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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