Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 50 - May 23, 2016

     My dearest readers,

Surprisingly I have enough time to write a decently well thought letter to you all today. 
Well, not really I have ten minutes, but that is much better than in the past. 
Well, a lot of things have happened since I've last written. 

Crazy people stealing my camera

Days feel so long because so much happens in each day. 
You have a lot that gets done when you are living and breathing the gospel 24/7. 
We had Zone Training this week. Our Zone Leader, Ct Fletcher and Pacheco 
did a good job about teaching us different methods other than just street contacting, 
such as knocking and transport contacting. We always need to be finding, 
so we are always talking! President Schwab is reaching the end of his mission, 
by the end of June. I am just so sad to think he and his family won't always be here. 
He is truly full of inspiration as a life lived in the service of God. It's not the end yet, 
but we are sure going to miss him!

Asian pose. . the dark ones as we call ourselves

"The gang"

Wowsers, Sister Hofmann just reminded me about all the miracles this week haha. 
We were contacting Tuesday morning around 10:30am and met this baba. 
We were able to give her a KM and set up a meeting with her later that evening! 
She talked all about her life and what is was like living in the Soviet Union. 
She told us how her father died when she was five due to the war, 
and doesn't even have a picture of him. Just letters. Then she told us how she felt rich 
when she had bread and sugar to snack on. Her husband, who is now bedridden, 
invited her over to his family's house when they were dating. His parents had potatoes, 
and she thought "Wow they are so rich!" It really put things into perspective for me. 
I will never be able to understand what is was like to live here 50-60 years ago. 
They are just so strong. I am honored to serve them. 

God loves you!
Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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