Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 49 - May 16, 2016

     My dearest readers,

Hullo!! Sorry for not writing very much last week. It was kind of crazy 
with Mother's Day and Victory day all on P-day. We just spent the whole day skyping home 
or emailing home and traveling. But I will be somewhat better this week. 

Skyping family was great! 
Sad I wasn't able to snap one with the Pops, but it was all good! 
Love yall! 

I did not describe the last two weeks very well last time, but a lot happened! 
The biggest thing has to be our investigator Alexander ( Sasha). He is such a miracle! 
We were out contacting a couple weeks ago, dropping by some former investigators. 
We try and greet everyone we come into contact with on the street. 

When you go knocking on the 14th floor.

So when we were walking, probably a foot away from the former's home, 
we said " Добрый Вечер!" to this man passing by us. He pauses as we keep walking 
and asks if we are from a different church. We say nope. He then walks up to us 
and asks from which church? He could tell by the books we were carrying 
(wearing nametags is forbidden in Russia). We end up talking to him for 30-40 minutes. 
He's been looking around a lot of different churches and has never read the KM before. 
We then gave him one and invited him to church. This was before Russian Easter, 
and he told us that he was already planning to going to two churches tomorrow 
so he couldn't come. Well, he came last week and yesterday! We hadn't been able 
to meet with him this week, but we called him yesterday morning around 9:20am, 
and he answered enthusiastically. " Доброе Доброе Утро!" He was wide awake 
and ready to come to church! The members here love him, especially the Бабушки. 
They all want to help on our lessons with him haha. He's 27, a kind young man, and fairly good looking so it's no wonder they want to help!  
I love them haha. 

​Half Asian, Half European. A Walk to Remember???

I've had a lot of moments of the Holy Ghost guiding us. His influence is so real. 
It is as subtle as a whisper so we have to keep trying hard each day to stay in tune. 
I love my savior Jesus Christ. He is the only way to true happiness!
Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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