Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 62 - August 15, 2016 Thither and Hither

   My dearest readers,

We did a LOT of traveling this week. A few days worth of traveling, from Kazan to 
Samara and then back to Toliatti. It has been super busy. The next few weeks look just as busy! 
Sister Miller has a visa trip this week so we will be going down to Samara again. 
Then next week we have a special MLC (missionary leadership council) 
with Elder Kacher of the Quorum of the Seventy. He is here for a big conference in our mission. 
He may even interview a couple of us personally. Then after that we have that conference 
with him and the Russian members. Then on Sept 8 we have another big conference 
hopefully in Saratov! Aren't we just busy bees?

We are just chilling by the Volga. 
Ain't my companion so beautiful??? 

It has been quite the week. Seriously, I doubt my mission could get any more adventurous 
than it already has. . . It is safe to say that I am meant to be here. At this very moment. 
The Lord is always in control and is ever aware of us. I have the strongest testimony that 
He really is leading us by the hand. 

The view is so beautiful!

We were in the beautiful city of Kazan. It really is just gorgeous. 
It is super European and clean. I now understand why everyone says how dirty Samara is. 
We did so much on splits.

We and the Zone leaders were going splits this week to two different cities, 
yet we somehow crossed paths in a different city altogether.

We learned  a lot from the sisters. We were able to do our cultural 
activity with them at the Kremlin. It is this beautiful Muslim Mechat and  has a 
Provyslavni Temple on the hill next to it. It is so beautiful. 

​In the Kremlin!

The Kremlin is So great! So is Sister Palmer!!!

We had to wear scarves over our head in order 
to enter into the Muslim Mechat. So beautiful!

We made it into a Prov temple. 
We asked permission to take pictures. 

We went into each of the temples. 
We learned a lot about the other churches and how it felt to be in each of them. It just 
made me miss our temples more, though. 

The sight from the boardwalk at sunset. . . Wow!

The Lord truly does glory in simple, plain things. He doesn't work for dramatics or 
to earn the praise of man. It's only by the small and simple things does He work through. 

I was reading a general conference talk today by Elder Renlund. It was about drawer 
closer unto Christ. He said something really profound but obvious: "If life was really fair, 
then you and I would not be resurrected, you and I would not be able to stand clean before God. 
In this respect I am really glad that life is not fair. But thanks to the atonement of Jesus Christ, 
in the eternal perspective, there will be no unfairness." I am so glad our Heavenly Father 
is merciful and sent Christ to save us all from death, and then if we accept Him and follow Him, 
then save us from our sins. I love the Lord and I am grateful to be here!

My Russian chess set. Yes I am in love and will use it forever! 
Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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