Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 30 - January 4, 2016 Winter Wonderland

    Hey There!!!

In honor of my 7th month on the mission, the world snowed!!!! 
It was on of the most beautiful things I've seen in my entire life, 
right up there with the sunset on the beach. It just started in the morning 
and by last night we had over 5 inches!! So much fun! 
I made gingersnaps on New Year's Eve ( like my trainer taught me) 
and shared them with everyone at district meeting. 

You could say I was ready for P-Day. . . 
notice how my cheeks are the same color as my beanie. . . 
it was below 0 fahrenheit. . . 

We stayed in on New Year's Eve since it get pretty crazy here. 
Trying to be as obedient as possible, Sister Grishina and I used that time to weekly plan. 
It seriously is just so great knowing we are using the Lord's time to the best of our abilities. 
That is definitely something I am dedicated to doing. This is the Lord's time, not mine. 
I know we received many blessings from our sacrifice of working diligently even on a holiday. 
We met with a lot of people this week. Like, man, I am not used to it! 
Our mission is piloting a program from our Area Seventy to start teaching less-actives every night. 
If we want a stake here in Samara and a temple in Russia, we have to strengthen the members we already have here! We have definitely seen miracles here in Bezzimonski. 
Yeah, it's pretty darn tootin cold here. I kid you not, 
while Sis Grishina was emailing and I was studying, 
I put out my water bottle near the open window. Not even an hour later, 
the water is icy, almost slush. Oh Russia. It's honestly just one big freezer. 
We are going to be going on splits this week in Penza! 

My icy heart. . . frozen?

It's one of the northern areas in the mission so that will be fun. 
I'll go on my first train in Russia!!! Hollah!!! Saturday, 
Sis G and I were walking with a member to go to one of our investigators homes. 
We were crossing over the big bridge, when they stop and point to the side of the road. 
We see this poor dog, lying on the side of the road, just freezing its tail off (pun intended).
 We say a prayer and try and figure out how to take care of this dog. 
There really isn't any type of animal control here so we were just trying to figure out what to do. 
Sis G and I hop onto the highway sitting beside the dog and trying to keep it warm, 
or at least comfort it. Sis G was petting the poor thing, and found blood on her glove.  
Then after about 15 minutes, some random lady pulls over and asks us what happened. 
Not a second later, she grabs a sheet from the trunk of her car, and then we all wrap the dog up, 
and puts the dog into her car. We tried to give them a pamphlet or Book of Mormon 
(we're missionaries) but she said she doesn't need it. Still, she drove off trying to save the dog. 
It was a great example of service for me.

Our District (from left to right): Elder Shae from Las Vegas, 
Elder Vandermark from Santa Clarita (hollah), 
District Leader Peterson from Utah, Elder Fletcher from Alaska, 
and me and Sister Grishina! 

With a new year comes new opportunities.Let's all take a moment and reflect on what we've accomplished this past year. I know for myself, every great accomplishment was made possible because of my faith in Jesus Christ. College. Family. Friends. and now my mission. 
 am so grateful for my Savior and His love and support in my life. 
He knows each of us personally. Prayer works. We can do hard things 
if we just rely on Christ and consult with our Heavenly Father. 
I testify of this truth in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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