Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 35 - February 7, 2016 Outgoing from one of the oldest cities in Russia. . .

        Hello world!

So I hope I can fill you in sufficiently on what a wonderful week it's been:

Tuesday night, on splits with Sister Grishina, we hit super bad traffic. 
We were in the elder's area so I wasn't as familiar with where we were exactly. 
Then after about an hour on the bus, I look out the window and see Ikea. 
That my friends is not a good sign. (super funny, but not intentional). I called Elder Shea, 
my Zone leader and homie, and when I told him where we were, he thought I was joking. 
Apparently Ikea is in no one's area. Yeah, I was lost in the middle of nowhere in Russia. 
Haha what a great time. Luckily, we got off and found an address to give to a taxi. 
It wasn't as bad as I made it out to be. Although, we were out an hour past curfew haha. 
Thank goodness for taxis. 

Just these past few days I have felt so much love! I wasn't feeling well this past week, 
and then on Saturday, this family who I've only met twice, started taking my temperature 
and then giving me all this medical advice and remedies to try at home. 
It was so funny and sweet. Then yesterday I had to stay home because I had the flu. 
It was honestly sooooo weird staying in and sleeping all day. It just felt wrong haha. 
My companion Sister Mckell took such great care of me; 
she made me yummy soup and made sure I rested well.  
Even all the elders in our district texted or called to make sure I was okay. 
So sweet!! The Lord truly does work through other people.

We were on splits this week and made bomb tacos.

The biggest miracle is our newest investigator, Rita. 
She is a referral from a less-active, Zinaida. 
Rita is 14 years old and used to go to church with her great-grandma Zina up until she was 10. 
She's never been baptized, but she really liked meeting with us. 
She really wants her family to be more faithful, her mom is a less-active member as well. 
After teaching her the Restoration, we asked her how she felt about everything 
and she said that it was a lot to take in, but she feels better already about everything. 
The only bummer is that just a few hours after our meeting 
(we had invited her to English club that same night) we found out that she broke her foot! 
Hopefully we can still meet with her...

Ate banana bread for my 8th month on the mission. 
Shout out to my new shirt! Thanks mom lol

Another miracle happened Thursday, I sat next to this young woman, Nastia. 
We talked the whole hour long bus ride. She is super sweet, 
wasn't ready for a KM or brochure but wanted to meet again and was open to religion. 
We had to rush to get to our stop, in the midst of it all I left my beanie on the bus. 
Later on during the day, I called Nastia to hopefully set up an appointment. 
Turns out she has my beanie and she set up an appointment with us this Thursday! 
So cool!

We just arrived, like an hour ago to Kazan. 
One of the oldest cities in Russia, and most beautiful in the mission. 
Yay for splits!

I had a cool opportunity of sitting in on the Missionary Leadership Council 
since Sister Mckell is one of the Sister Training Leaders. 
It was just so great to see how the Lord works through President Schwab 
and how each of the missionaries work together for the good of the mission. 
I love it so much. A lot of good things were learned on that meeting.

Well, I don't have all that much more to share. 
One of the most used scriptures in our mission is Alma 41:6. Even though we are not perfect, 
as long as we are striving for righteousness according to our desires, and repenting daily, 
then we will receive eternal life!


Book Of Mormon Count: 25
Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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