Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 34 - February 1, 2016 Hope

Hey there my most beloved readers! Man I only have 10 minutes, 
so a lot of copying and pasting from other letters. Sorry if you get a duplicate haha. 

We were running all over kingdom come for these less actives 
and found this awesome snowman. perfect snow for building a snow person.

Another good week under the belt, and yet to be in the journal. 
There is just so much work for us to do! At times it is overwhelming. 
We just have so many people we want to stop by. There are so many less-actives 
who are just waiting to meet with us. Most of these less-actives are older women 
who just don't have the health to go to church. 
But I realized something great about the new program, 
and one of the quotes from a missionary in your letter this week solidified that for me, 
we are ministers of Jesus Christ. We need to be taking care of His sheep, 
not just rangling them in to church. There have been many miracles 
and examples of this principle over the past week. 

Us with Patriarch Neuenschwander!!!

We have been seeing so many miracles! The biggest one is our newest investigator, Hope. 
We found her last Monday night on the street. At first she was not too interested, 
but as we continued to talk to her and share our purpose, her heart softened 
and then she took a KM and we set up a meeting for the next day. 
We met with her again and she said that she had brought the KM 
and have read through the chapters headings so that she could be prepared for our meeting. 
We had a great lesson with her, she said she's noticed something missing from the church she's attending, so she's glad she found us. After our meeting, we had English club. 
We had no idea if she knew English, but we invited her anyway. S
he said she'd only stay 5 minutes to see what it was about, 
but she ended up staying the whole meeting and she knows English perfectly! 
We are meeting with her again tonight! She really has sooo much potential!! 
We love her so much!

We had an FHE where we blindfolded someone 
and misshot them until they asked for help

Sister Mckell and I have this goal to pass out 70 copies of the Book of Mormon 
by the end of this 7-week cycle. Yup its a 7 week cycle, one week more than the usual. 
It's just for this one cycle. Anyways, we've passed out about 15 so far in just two weeks. 
Wish us luck!

This is sister Johnson, she loves the movie "How to Train your Dragon" 
and I found this little guy and gave it to her

Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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