Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 69 - October 3, 2016 Hopping Boarders and Serenading Patrol Officers

     Dear Readers:

Whelp, I have had a crazy week! I don't even know how to update you on all that happened! 
First things first. Today is my 16 month mark on my mission. Hurrah! Crazy. I never thought 
I would make it to this point. It's not like I was doubting my abilities or decision to serve, 
but 16 months just seem so far away when you are just at 2 months. 
I have loved every moment of it. 

So many memories and fun events, I'll just highlight you on the best stuff.

         Luau Night:

Pineapples & Tangerines 

Our Luau drinks

shhhhhhh...cheer everyone...

My Uke solo show

Here is all of us and our Pal Paul! 
The Luau will see better days!

Miracles of this week start with our member, Vera. She is that baba whom we help 
take to church in a taxi. She feels super sad whenever we don't meet with her. 
We haven't had much time to meet with her these past two weeks, so we stopped by on Monday. 
She told us then how it was her birthday on Friday, although she didn't think it was anything special. She wasn't looking forward to it. I felt pretty bad. We wanted to stop by and make her something, 
but I knew we'd be in Samara on Thursday for my visa trip so we would have no time to see her. 

Us on the way to Samara. 
Honestly I have no idea what we were thinking haha...

We got to Samara around 7pm and we were super hungry, 
so we ate at the KFC at the Bus station together. 
Yay for healthy eating!

However, due to registration reasons, we had to be back in Kazan Friday morning. 
So after waking up at 4am to go on a bus to Kazakstan for about 10 hours, 
I was right back on an 11pm 8-hour bus ride back to Kazan. You could say it was not 
the most comfortable situation. We got home around 5:30am. Despite the business 
of the day we  were still able to make a super simple cake and drop it off to her. 
We weren't planning to stay there long since we had a lot of stuff to do that day. 
We got there and just chatted with her a little bit. We had nothing planned, 
but Sister Palmer felt impressed to share 2 Nephi 2:25. After her testimony about 
having joy in this life, you could tell Vera was super touched by that thought. 
Then it hit me all at once. She is the reason why we took that long, uncomfortable 
bus ride so late at night. Heavenly Father sent us to her. He made it possible for us 
to be there with her on her birthday. I then expressed my realization with her 
and she felt the Spirit testify of its truthfulness to her. It was one of the most 
beautiful moments of my mission. It was so simple, but it meant so much to her. 
God forgets no one. 

My grill after Sister Palmer pulled the foil from her gum wrapper. 
Now it's my gum's wrapper. 
I look so thug that I should be called the "Gum Rapper" 

We met with a bunch of members this week and it was so nice! 
We also went back to the puppet theater and watched a super creative version of Cinderella! 
I loved it. 

Waiting for the Cinderella puppet show

Cinderella puppet show

Sister Palmer and I at the puppet theater

Whelp wayyy to much, sorry. 

I am super excited to watch General Conference this weekend.
Sister Palmer and I are staying together for another 6 weeks in Kazan. YAY!
We are getting a new German elder and a Russian mini-"volunteer" from Saratov to serve 
here with us in Kazan. Elder Plettig is training them both. We will have the most culturally 
diverse district in our mission!Chinese food today in about 30 minutes!! Yay!!

More next week. LOVE YOU!!!!

Here is me in pants! We dressed down for our visa trip, 
and I just had to snap a pic. I have legs! 
Ft. all the foams beds for the sisters 

Me and sissy Miller. I love her to pieces. 
Too bad she'll be in Saratov now :[
Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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