Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 71 - October 17, 2016 Ohana means family!

      My dearest readers,

It has been quite the week. It has been filled with meetings, service, adventures, tears, 
and the haka. But not always in that order. We did a really cool service with the elders 
this week talking to some students at an art college in English. They were soooo cute. 
Seriously, I love them all. It was so cute seeing them swoon over the elders, too. 
Oh to be young again. 

Waiting at the university for our member.

We have developed really good relationships with the members. It is just great seeing them 
and having them actually want to meet us. They absolutely LOVE our musical instruments 
and want us to play for them all the time. It is a really good way to do something small for the members. Then we did this really cool service for a less active. It was super cool, 
we talked with these art students in English. They were all so cute. They made us 
feel so cool haha. This week we did a Luau for our family night. It was a huge success. 
We had 4 members and 4 friends. It was really fun. We taught them how to Tahitian dance 
and Haka. They loved it! They didn't want to leave! It is really evidence of God's support 
of our efforts to make our activities better for the members. 

Selfie life!

We went to an asian fusion cafe and they gave us 
the biggest lemonade . .  . each!

I love those little things that happen to us that are just huge billboard signs of God's love for us, 
but on a completely personalized level. Yesterday, a member shared an experience of an elder 
who served here. He cannot draw to save his life, and for some reason he felt really impressed 
one day to draw something. Nothing turned out, but a few pieces of paper later and dreams of becoming the next Leonardo Da Vinci out the window, he drew a very humble bird. 
Then they went off to serve. They were at a bus station and saw a frantic young mother 
and child. They offered some help. She then told then about her husband's death and they were 
on a way to a funeral. He felt impressed to give her the simple picture of the bird. She took it 
and started crying. She said her husband always drew her those kinds of birds. This experience 
and countless others of my own are just such great testimonies that God really is a loving 
Heavenly Father who knows us personally.

Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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