Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 74 - November 7 MIRACLES!!!

 I don't have much time, we are going on a bus today to Toliatti for our zone training 
so I'll need to be quick. 

Fighting for "chicken fried rice!?"...

Sister Hofmann were baking cookies that day 
and we have a super inconvenient cupboard near the sink. 
I slammed my head into it so I have a cute little bump on my forehead. 
Now it isn't as noticeable haha

Again, I don't think I have enough time to explain all the miracles 
that have happened this week. To sum things up, we have been able to meet a bunch 
of new "friends" this week and have been seeing miracles. All of the seemingly random things 
we've been doing these past two weeks have just been snowballing into bigger and better things. 
Cool miracle of the week: A couple weeks ago we did a drop by to a less active. 
By some miracle we were able to get into contact with him. Later that week we went to 
an English club that he attends regularly. Last week, we were so busy so we didn't contact him, 
but were thinking about him. Thursday night we get a call from him, and I say "Hi Marat!" 
The man says, "This is not Marat. My name is Daniel." Daniel was at English club 
with Marat and the Mormons were brought up in their discussion. So Daniel wanted to 
know who are the Mormons? Marat then gave him the phone when we called back. 
Daniel said that he is leaving for Moscow the next night. He said he wants to meet us 
and know more about the Mormons. We set up a meeting at 9:30am. It was such a wonderful, spiritual meeting. My first investigator lesson since the new law change. 
I was almost in tears when Elder Shukin testified about the Book of Mormon. 
We gave him a Book of Mormon and a promise that we will refer him to 
the volunteers in Moscow. It was such a huge miracle!!! 

Our District! Love serving with them.

We've met with soooo many new friends. It has been incredible. 
So many plans and so much pizza! Another cool event was that one of the members 
of the area presidency, Elder Martino. He came just specifically to Kazan for the weekend. 
We were honored to have him and learn from him on a personal level. He inspired 
the members and volunteers here of the potential of Kazan. This is the second visit 
from a Seventy to visit Kazan in one year. And only Kazan! That means that this truly 
is a special place. I'm honored to live here and serve the people here. 

Elder Martino, Sister Palmer and I.

I love you all. I love the Lord. I know in troubling times, we just need 
to rely on the Lord and to trust in Him. Have a great week!!!

Winter wonderland adventure!
Much love, 
Cectpa Graham

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